Top 15+ UK Scholarships for International Students

Dreaming of studying in the UK but worried about the cost? Worry no more! The UK offers a wealth of scholarships for international students, opening doors to world-class education without breaking the bank. To help you navigate this exciting landscape, here's a curated list of 15+ top UK scholarships for international students, spanning government-funded programs and prestigious university offerings.

Government Scholarships:

Chevening Scholarships:

Dive into a fully funded Master's degree with the UK government's flagship program, covering tuition, living expenses, and flights.

Scotland Saltire Scholarships:

Hone your skills in science, technology, or renewable energy with £8,000 towards your Master's studies in Scotland.

Global Wales Postgraduate Scholarships:

Explore Wales' vibrant academic scene with scholarships worth up to £10,000 for students from specific countries.

GREAT Scholarships:

Take advantage of £10,000 towards a wide range of one-year postgraduate courses across various fields.

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships:

Pursue your Master's degree with a comprehensive scholarship package funded by the UK Department for International Development.

University Scholarships:

Gates Cambridge Scholarships:

Secure full funding and additional support for postgraduate study at the prestigious University of Cambridge, open to any subject.

Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford:

Excel in your graduate studies at Oxford with this renowned scholarship, covering tuition, college fees, and generous living expenses.

University of Sussex Chancellor's International Scholarships:

Gain a 50% tuition discount for your postgraduate degree at Sussex, available across most schools.

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships:

Unleash your potential with scholarships ranging from £6,500 to £26,000 for undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Bristol.

UCL Global Masters Scholarships:

Access a £15,000 scholarship for your Master's degree at UCL, specifically targeting students from lower-income backgrounds.

Additional Gems:

University of West England Chancellor's Scholarships: 

Get full tuition coverage and an internship opportunity with this prestigious scholarship.

Warwick Chancellor's International Scholarships:

Secure full tuition and a maintenance stipend for your PhD studies at Warwick, covering all disciplines.

Developing Solutions Scholarships at University of Nottingham:

Make a difference in your home country with a scholarship for Master's degrees related to development, with full or partial tuition coverage available.

With this guide and your dedication, studying in the UK without financial constraints can become a reality. So, take the leap, explore these opportunities, and embark on your academic adventure in the UK!